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Three-sided Open Top Tanks

Cuttings Bins

 We developed various configuration cutting bins. The following features are included in the design:

  • Width: Outside 11ft, Inside 10 ft
  • Length: 20ft, 30ft or 40 ft
  • Inside Height: 3' 6" (42"), and 5' 6" (66") - giving bins of capacity 125 to 392 barrels.
  • Mounted on two skids, 5ft apart.
  • Winch Pipe (4"or 5" diameter) on the front and back.
  • Ramp in the open front

Splash Tanks (Fluid Catchment Tanks)

Our design splash tanks are configured to accept equipment like shakers and screens and these tanks will contain any spillage during operation.

  • Flat bottom with 10" - 12" berm (or ramp) in the front
  • 1/4" sides, 1/2" floor and 3/8" rear wall
  • Two different side height - 5.5ft or 8 ft
  • Mounted on skids - either two or three depending on size of tank
  • 5" winch pipe on front and back
  • Two 4" drains on rear wall back
  • Floor and ramp are lined with cleats to assist in driving of loader inside