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Discrete Element Modeling (DEM)

Discrete Element Modeling is a set of modeling techniques and equations specifically aimed at solving engineering problems associated with flow of particles in containers and chutes.  The computer-based system runs a simulation of a real-life flow situation keeping track of particle collisions and contact forces over time as it moves thru the simulated environment defined by physical boundaries.  The computed data is visualized by post-processing software displaying particle information per time.  Reaction forces on the environment and particle speed can be evaluated and improved.  Vohnic LLC used DEM for optimizing the geometry of Mining Dump Truck Bowl, Dragline GET, and Excavator Buckets.

Mining Dump Truck Bowl Development:
DEM was used to optimize the shape of the dump truck bowl for carrying capacity and dumping speed.


Dragline Bucket Ground Engaging Tools development:
DEM was used to optimize the shape and angles of GET for dragline buckets.

Excavator Bucket Geometry optimization:
DEM was used to optimize the shape of large mining excavator buckets.